Romain Alléaume (ENS Ulm 98, PhD Paris 6 2004) is an Associate Professor at Telecom Paris / Institut Polytechnique de Paris. His research activity is related to quantum cryptography and quantum information processing. Romain co-founded the start-up SeQureNet, who developed and successfully commercialized from 20010 to 2014, the first continuous-variable QKD system, and is also a founding member of the ETSI QKD Industry Standardisation Group. Since 2018, in the context of the European Quantum Technology Flagship, Romain Alleaume is coordinating the contributions of Télécom Paris to the projects CiVIQ and OpenQKD, with a focus on coherent quantum communications and QKD cryptographic integration.

Title of talk: Quantum and Post-Quantum Cryptography Complementarity

Abstract: Quantum cryptography (QC) provides a practical way – based on physics – to solve the key establishment problem with information-theoretic security against a quantum attacker. We will present an overview of the recent progress related to the deployment of quantum cryptography to secure real-world networks and point at some challenges. We will then address the question of the relative positioning of QC and PQC. While often presented in competition, we will illustrate the benefits of combining physics and complexity-based approaches to strengthen information security.